An alternative to post and fax for an efficient payable service.

There are huge benefits associated with viewing and managing your financial documents online-not only with DHL, but with other companies in your financial supply chain.

Our electronic billing service is an alternative to post and fax. It enables you to have an accurate, fast and efficient accounts payable service. There are substantial benefits associated with viewing and managing your financial documents online - not only with DHL but also with other companies in your financial supply chain.

Electronic billing is easy to use and requires no training. You can use the system to view new e-invoices, search through archived invoices and import invoice data directly into your accounting system.

  • Paperless transactions: When an e-invoice has been issued, an e-mail is sent to you with the invoice attached in PDF format containing a link to our website.
  • Multiple formats: e-invoices can be downloaded in a variety of formats including CSV file (for importing into a spreadsheet such as Excel), PDF (ideal for printing or sending as an attachment) and XML. So no need to manually type invoice data into your finance system - saving you time and helping to eliminate errors.
  • Online history search: Your e-invoices are online for 12 months, so you can quickly search and find an invoice in a matter of seconds.
  • Register invoice inquiries online: You can log invoice inquiries online. The information you log will be sent to DHL for investigation and the status of the inquiry will be available for review online.
  • Waybill retrieval: You can view waybill images online, making it easier for you to review and validate your invoices. Simply click on the link for the waybill to view the image. Should an image not be available, a request will be automatically logged and passed on to the DHL Customer Service team for action.

e-billing FAQ

Yes, it is. Electronic billing is safer than many traditional ways of sending and receiving financial data. Information is encrypted using an https secure connection. An online billing service enables you to have an accurate, faster and more efficient accounts payable service.

Yes. You can view and obtain a free download of your waybills. To do so log in or register now.

Yes. There is no cost entailed in receiving your invoices online.

Click on the link in your notification e-mail. This will take you directly to the DHL electronic billing website. Or open the attachment to the e-mail and view your PDF invoice.

View your invoice online.

Click on the download button to import the data into your finance program (if applicable).