DHL’s Electronic Proof of Delivery

DHL's Electronic Proof of Delivery provides delivery details and an image of the receiver's signature, if captured digitally. No need to call Customer Service-now you can view, download, print or e-mail your proof of delivery documents in either letter or table format-usually within an hour of delivery.


Just click on the Get Proof of Delivery link for the shipments you wish to track. Or get up to 25 Proofs of Delivery at once. You must have a DHL account to use the Proof of Delivery service.

There may be some instances in which, for operational reasons, a digital signature could not be captured and thus does not appear on the Proof of Delivery. But the document should still include who signed for the shipment and the date and time it was delivered. If an electronic signature is available, the link on the tracking results will always say Get Signature Proof of Delivery.

When you request multiple Proofs of Delivery, you have the option to format the document as a table automatically-just choose the table option. This gives you an at-a-glance reference for several shipments on a single page. Try it out!

To ensure that the information provided is used for its intended purpose and that purpose only, and to confirm delivery of a particular shipment tendered via DHL by, for, or to you.